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November 7, 2019 NECA Recognizes Harlan Electric for Safety Excellence


Each year the National Electrical Contractors Association’s (NECA) recognizes contractors with superior safety records with Safety Excellence Awards and Zero Injury Awards. Four MYR Group subsidiaries were honored this year including Harlan Electric’s Rochester Hills, Mich. District. 

Fellow subsidiaries E.S. Boulos, L.E. Myers and Sturgeon Electric Company districts were also honored. 

That same month, safety representatives from Harlan Electric and other MYR Group subsidiaries attended NECA’s 2019 Safety Professionals Conference, the electrical construction industry’s premier annual safety event. Attendees received the most up-to-date information on regulation, compliance, management techniques, and standards development that impact safety and health in our industry. 

MYR Group Regional Training Director Mike McClure presented the 2019 Electrical Transmission and Distribution (ET&D) Partnership Quarterly Refreshers and Continuing Education breakout session. As a founding member of the partnership, MYR Group representatives have been instrumental in working with industry stakeholders to improve safety for workers through the development and reinforcement of safety best practices for the line construction industry. 

Mike’s session sparked interest from non-members, highlighted the success of the partnership’s efforts to significantly reduce injury in the industry, and stressed compliance with continuing education for all partnership members. 

“I always come away with great information to share with my group and a few new contacts as well,” said Harlan Electric Regional Safety Manager Jim Foley. “Although the sessions are geared more toward inside electrical related topics, they always have plenty for the outside folks and plan to expand the offerings for the line side.” 

Harlan Electric Safety Manager Mike Lyons was a first-time attendee and was impressed with the variety of topics available. “I really enjoyed the sessions on identifying and preventing workplace violence and human performance, as well as seeing all the newest safety products displayed at the vendor forum.” 

Sturgeon Electric Las Vegas Safety Manager Kodi Green and District Manager Kenny Whipple were impressed with the guest speakers various learning opportunities to sharpen their occupational safety and health knowledge.  

“The opportunity to learn from the industry’s top experts and share how we can make our operations safer, more efficient, and more profitable is priceless,” said Green. “Learning about important topics such as NFPA changes and how human behavior impacts risk and safety culture were especially valuable to me. We’ve already begun communicating information and implementing new ideas learned at the conference with our crews.” 


As a result of discussions at the conference, NECA CEO David Long became interested in the energized work training program MYR Group provides employees since there are numerous “no hot work” policies currently in effect among customers and potential clients.  

Along with Long, NECA President and COO of Rosendin Electric Larry Beltramo and NECA Safety Director Wes Wheeler visited Denver to learn more about the program. Whipple, Sturgeon Electric District Manager Bryce Perkins and Regional Safety Manager Zach Valdez assisted with the meeting.  

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