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August 24, 2020 New Live Line Program Created To Support a Growing Customer Need

Harlan Electric Spends TWO YEARS BUILDING Certification PROGRAM For Energized Work 

In dense urban areas, utilities are often constrained on outages and need maintenance and upgrades performed on energized lines.

After seeing this sustained need arise with one of its customers in New England, MYR Group subsidiary Harlan Electric Company, partnered with ESCI to develop a live line training program and expand its capabilities to meet those needs.

The first class of Harlan Electric lineworkers to go through the program graduated in 2020 with a 100 percent completion rate. These technicians are now certified to practice live line and bare hand work, elevating the company’s capabilities and services for clients.  

Harlan employee holding two awards at office

Steve Campana, district manager at Harlan Electric, first identified the need for a live line certification program. With support from senior management, Campana began assembling the necessary elements and personnel to make the program a success. The key leaders are excited to see the program come to fruition after all the planning and coordination. 

“This live line program really started two years ago,” stated Mike Collins, superintendent at Harlan Electric. Collins noted that the company was starting to see a shift in the industry in terms of the kind of work being offered, especially from utility companies.

As the trend to minimize de-energized work continues, the addition of certified live line technicians places Harlan Electric in a competitive position within the market and will allow it to better support existing and potential clients and their projects.

Harlan employees outside office building holding awards

Establishing the live line program required key personnel, funding, training grounds, and participant dedication. Participants spent numerous days in a classroom and were assigned homework to complete every evening. After hundreds of hours of training and homework, participants had to pass a series of exams, as well as hands-on practicals.  

“The crew was dedicated to the long-term goals of the live line program. They put in a lot of work on themselves and the program,” noted Chris Lenahan, operations manager at Harlan Electric. 

Harlan Electric held a graduation ceremony to properly recognize and congratulate the first graduating class. Each participant received a plaque and a custom lamp to commemorate their achievement. 

With increased industry interest in live line work, MYR Group intends to work towards incorporating a live line certification program throughout the company. MYR Group is committed to providing specialty contract services to our clients and partners, and we strive to uphold our core values through our programs, actions, and initiatives. 

Note: Original story was updated in 2023