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Project Detail

1810 Transmission Line







Location: Southington, CT

Description: Harlan Electric Company performed renovation services for the 1810 T-Line reconductor project consisting of replacing 6 miles of overhead ground wire with 6 miles of new optical ground wire (OPGW) from Southington to Bristol, Connecticut.

  • Phase 1:  1810/1800 Line Double Circuit Separation consisting of foundation, structure and wire installation for two 1.7 mile monopole 115kV lines.
  • Phase 2:  1810 Line re-conductor consisting of 2.1 miles of line with new 795 ACSS conductor.
  • Phase 3:  1810 Line OPGW consisting of the installation of 7.48 miles of new OPGW with the use of a helicopter.

This project was very challenging due to the very stringent environmental permitting requirements along with the proximity of the project and the residential impacts.  The project team worked very well together planning and executing the work in a safe and efficient manner while staying within its budget and schedule goals.

Client:   Eversource

Completion Date: 2016