1810 Transmission Line Upgrades Transmission

1810 Transmission Line Upgrades

Client Eversource Energy
Completion Date 2016
Location Connecticut
Completed by Harlan Electric Company

Harlan Electric Company (Harlan Electric) renovated the 1810 Transmission Line reconductor, replacing six miles of overhead ground wire with optical ground wire (OPGW) from Southington to Bristol. The project was divided into the following three phases: 

  • For Phase 1, the 1810-1800 Transmission Line Double-Circuit Separation, Harlan Electric installed the foundation, structure, and wire for two 1.7-mile monopole 115kV lines. 
  • During Phase 2, 1810 Transmission Line, they reconductored 2.1 miles of line with new 795 ACSS conductor. 
  • For Phase 3, crews installed 7.5 miles of new OPGW with the use of a helicopter. 

Despite stringent environmental permitting requirements and the project’s proximity and potential impacts to residential communities, the project team planned and executed  the project safely, efficiently, and within the client’s budget and schedule.