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Project Detail

Wynn Casino







Location: Everett, MA

Description: Harlan Electric Company performed updates to increase stability in current circuits of Everett, Massachusetts in order to provide an increase in capacity for the Wynn Casino and the surrounding areas along Plymouth St, Wellington Ave, Tileston St, Norman St, and the Santilli Highway. This project has been a multi-phase project with Sequence #5 and Sequence #6 being the largest phases of the project that were completed over the course of the last year. Sequence #5 of the project included the replacement and installation of 48 poles, the replacement of 33 transformers (single can and transformer banks), 4 loadbreak switches, and 15 disconnects. Sequence #6 included converting and rebuilding sections of the 10P3 feeder to the 8W1 feeder and the replacement of several transformer banks for the appropriate step downs needed. Sequence #6 also included 44 pole replacements, and one loadbreak switch.

Client:   National Grid

Completion Date: 2017